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Ebifurai-no-shippo is the tail of a fried shrimp that was left behind because it was too hard.


Ebifurai No Shippo resembles a leftover tail of a fried shrimp, with a crispy yellow body, wavy edges like Agedama and a red tail on the top of its head. It has small eyes and a neutral expression.

It used to be a really long fried shrimp.


Ebifurai No Shippo is determined to tell others to finish their meal completely, and loves sauce and cookbooks. It also likes a hot bath in oil once in a while.


Ebifurai No Shippo met Tonkatsu after being a leftover of a meal. It saw Penguin? and Tonkatsu while they were walking under the table where Ebifurai No Shippo and the lunch box where it came from were placed. They soon became best friends because of their similar experiences. Sometime later, Tonkatsu and Ebifurai No Shippo were almost dumped into the waste disposal in the corner of a sink. It admires a popular lunch box food that assembles a sausage that looks a bit like a squid.



Too hard to eat and left unfinished.

Ebifurai no Shippo and Tonkatsu are friends who understand each other very well.[1]

Cultural Notes[]


Photo of an Ebi Fry.

Ebi Fry, or as the Japanese call it, Ebi Furai (エビフライ, 海老フライ), is a classic western style Japanese dish and a popular menu for Okosama Set (Children’s Meal) at family restaurants. It is a Japanese fried shrimp made with succulent shrimp coated with Panko breadcrumbs and fried till golden brown. The preparation is similar to Tonkatsu.[2]

Translation Notes[]

Ebi furai = Shrimp Fry No=Of Shippo= Tail

Ebifurai no shippo = Tail of Shrimp Fry


  • The name is often misspelled as Ebi Furai No Shippo.


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