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Tonkatsu (とんかつ, also known as Capucine) is a piece of edge sliced fried pork cutlet.


Tonkatsu resembles a fried pork cutlet covered in batter. He has light, crispy and tan skin that makes him stand out form the rest of the Sumikkos


Tonkatsu is a bit desperate to convince people that he's still edible,becuase he is made of 1% meat and 99% fat.


Tonkatsu is an edge slice of fried pork cutlet that was left on a plate after a long and nice meal. To convince people and the other Sumikkos that he is still edible he puts lots of condiments like Ketchup, Mustard, soy sauce and salt on himself. Instead of changing clothes he simply refries himself because of his batter coating

He was the second Sumikko to arrive at the corner


The end of a tonkatsu. Made of 1% meat, 99% fat. Left behind for being too oily...[1]